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Interactive Art/Creative Director/ Designer

Pixels, Vertices, 3D, branding, kick ass design, realtime Installations.

We are looking for a reliable and crazy, beer/wine drinking creative artist/director. She/He/It.

You know your stuff in the digital design realm and are thrilled to work with an international - freshly started studio which specialises in “cool shit”. Your weapon of choice, you already know.

Be versed in 2D and 3D, sometimes its about nailing a client brief, the other times its about just letting your creative juices flow freely on projects were we wanna just be us.

You’ll be working across a range of projects, installations, AR/VR, art creations, brand communication, websites, apps and more. You take the lead on UX and design, do it yourself and/or together with borabora’s team and/or external professionals.

You love design, art and crazy shit.
You love to experiment, you love to be transparent, open and try new things out.
You don’t love working crazy hours, but aim to work smart.

You wanna push yourself and us forward.

Senior creative technologist at BoraBora

Create the slickness. Push the Matrix.

Reliable, beer/wine drinking creative developer. She/He/It.

You adore slick user interfaces, you digg realtime 3D, you love playing around with particles and animations. You love sensorics and merging digital with haptical!

You love love Unity and/or Unreal.

You're going to be jumping around and bring Kinect and Realsense installations to life, you are digging into shaders, blueprints C# or C++ code and create magical experiences.

You'll be unleashing the next hot stuff, across realworld installations and digital devices.

You love to research and innovate on new things. We'll push your creative and technological limits, we expect you to push ours.

You are not alone, we're in this together.

Full stack developer

Millisecond fast api's. Sexy Continuous deployment.

Reliable, beer/wine drinking developer. She/He/It.

You know your way around your frontend and backend tech stacks.

We focus primarily on VueJS, NodeJS & Python, maybe theres a hint of PHP involved. You like WebGL? We gotcha.

You love middlewares, databases slick hosting enviroments and have no fear to deploy often. A hint of webGl? Yes please, 90fps animations, for sure.

You love coding.

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